Every Picture tells a story #dva19

I’m delighted to announce that we have updated our special DVA2019 blog with our roll of honour, which lists every single star who was nominated for this year’s awards.  The event photos have been uploaded too, plus there are special pages with photos and nomination forms for the wonderful people who were given main awards at our event last week. A whole feast of celebrating amazing local people who go the extra mile.  Why not visit our blog and see for yourself?

Scott looks out for others @SalBWMP @ScottRound #nominatenow #dva19

Snow didn’t stop Scott from getting out on his bike to help older people in need


This excerpt is taken from Scott’s nomination form for #dva18. I am sure you will agree that he certainly looks out for others!

Scott was given the main award in the Community Action category at Dudley CVS Awards 2018 and also won the  Frank Foley Award for Community Spirit at the Mayor’s Awards 2019.

What does Scott do?

Helping the people of Coseley where Scott used to live. Helping people who cannot get out to do their shopping and tidying up their gardens and delivering Grapevine magazines in the Coseley area.

Scott cares for his mom who is house bound and his sister who is disabled. He has done other activities to help other charities for example: brave the shave where he donated his hair, having it all cut off, to make wigs for children plus raising money as well.

Scott has a paper round and his push bike has a trailer and after he has delivered his papers he is like a courier service on two wheels and nothing is too much trouble for him, always willing to help others.

Until recent years Scott has always lived in Coseley with his family. The family had to move out of Coseley because of his mother’s ill health to a specially adapted house on the Priory. This has not stopped Scott doing what he loves best and that is coming into Coseley to speak to all the locals and helping them in any way he can. Scott can be seen daily cycling down the Birmingham New Road into Coseley.

This year Scott went above and beyond particularly with the adverse weather conditions that we suffered in the country which bought traffic to a standstill. Scott not only did his normal paper round, he then visited people who he knew could not get out of their houses to check to see if they were well and if they needed anything. He went to the shops to get them provisions to help them cope during the cold spell. He also did visits to the chemist to get prescriptions for some of the elderly and infirm in the area. This continued all through the bad weather conditions it was not just a one off Scott cares for people all of the time. He has always looked out for people and when he has concerns for people’s welfare he does his best to help however he can.

In April this year Scott had a bad accident when he was out on his beloved bike. Scott loves his bikes and looks after them like some people love their cars. Scott is a responsible cyclist and always maintains his cycles well. Through no fault of his own he ended up in hospital for a few days with a nasty knee injury. Doctors said that it would be months before he would be able to walk properly and be back out on his bike. For Scott this was torture because he could not get out and about at his usual business, helping people. I think Scott was shocked and surprised at the amount of love and affection that the people of Coseley have for him, he was inundated with well-wishing messages from locals, visits and gifts. Scott did as he was advised by the doctors and before long he was back on his feet and it was business as usual.

Scott has also suffered adversity in other ways, on several occasions he has had his beloved cycles stolen when he has been out and about helping others. On one occasion through the power of social media and the high regard that people have for Scott his cycle was found.

Scott is always caring and worries about other people and will always put others first, he works hard and is always a joy to see around the Coseley area, he puts a smile on people’s faces. Scott is passionate about Coseley and all its residents, I cannot think of another person like him he deserves recognition for all he does in fact he deserves a medal.